High-volume capability. Battery backup. Rapid boom pole raising (3 metre version < 1.2 seconds). Smooth, intelligent speed control. High-torque boom pole operation. Robust, durable and slimline operator casing. LCD user interface for simple setup. Onboard Centurion code-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete. Integrated ChronoGuard timer functionality. Pre-galvanised enclosure improves corrosion resistance (of mild […]

Bullet 2

>Smart Color Night Vision >Infrared Mode >Color Mode >Smart Mode >Off Mode >Human Detection >1080P Full HD Video & H.265 Compression >Active Deterrence >Weatherproof >Dual Antenna and MIMO >Two-way Talk >Alarm Notification >External Waterproof Reset Button >Multiple Storage Options >Imou Cloud >Multiple Lens Options >Simple Installation  


>Human Detection >Active Deterrence >Superb Night Vision >Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot >Weatherproof >Flexible Network Deployment >Two-way Talk >Diversified Storage >Cloud Services >Easy to Install >Multiple Lens Options


>Human Detection >1080P Full HD Video & H.265 Compression >Superb Night Vision >Power over Ethernet >Alarm Notification >Diversified Storage >Imou Cloud >Easy to Install >High Compatibility >Multiple Lens Options  

Ranger Pro

>0° to 355° Pan & 0° to 90° Tilt >Smart Tracking >Privacy Mask >Alarm Notifications >Two-way Talk >Diversified Storage >Imou Cloud >The Latest H.265 Compression  

Floodlight Cam

>Secure your home and property >Multiple lighting modes >1080P Full HD & H.265 Codec >Active Deterrence >Dual Antenna and MIMO >Alarm Notification >Two-way Talk >Diversified Storage >Cloud Services  


>Active Deterrence >Two-way Talk >Multiple Scenarios >Diversified Storage >Imou Cloud >Optional Covers >Advanced H.265 Compression

Cue 2

>Human Detection >Super Wide Viewing Angle >Built-in Siren >Abnormal Sound Alarm >Two-way Talk >24/7 Protection >Diversified Storage >Cloud Services

Ranger 2C

>Human Detection and Siren >Smart tracking with 360° coverage >Abnormal Sound Alarm >1080P Full HD & H.265 Compression for Day and Night >Full-duplex Two-way Talk >Privacy Mode >Diversified Storage >Imou Cloud

Bullet 2E

>Smart Color Night Vision >Infrared Mode >Color Mode >Smart Mode >Off Mode >Human Detection >1080P Full HD Video & H.265 Compression >Built-in Spotlights >Dual Antenna and MIMO >Built-in Microphone >Alarm Notification >Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot >Weatherproof >External Waterproof Reset Button >Diversified Storage >Imou Cloud >Multiple Lens Options >Simple Installation