We study the project very well and do a comprehensive inspection of the site, and then work to provide the best solutions appropriate through our engineers and specialists, and provide the best solutions to the client and the dates of implementation and delivery .

We immediately start the implementation of the project based on the study provided in advance by the best engineers specialized in the installation of all security systems integrated in all different areas, in line with the studies of the site .

We start this phase immediately after the completion of the work of the project in accordance with the studies carried out at the beginning of the implementation of the project and subject to the test, in order to remedy any problems or malfunctions occurring later and in the interest of the company to provide the best services to its customers.

This is the final stage and is the most important stages at all and is especially follow-up project in terms of technical support and, maintenance, and instructions to deal with various security systems .

Who We Are ?

Arab Security Group for Security Systems

One of the leading Security Solutions Companies Located in Kuwait and has branches over the middle east.
We have served many customers in all fields of business in the middle east, from small retailers to large corporations. We specialize in the field of comprehensive security systems. We work in the field of surveillance cameras, alarms, communication and network systems, metal & explosives detection devices, entry & exit control systems, Time attendance systems .

Our Fields

We offer our services at the highest level

EAS Systems

All kinds of clothing theft detectors

Parking Systems

Automatic Gates, Garages, Barking Tools

Fire Alarm

Panels, smoke sensor, heat sensor, flame retardant

Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems solutions to more trustworthy

Explosives detection

Detection of the most common explosive materials and their components.

Sound systems

The latest speakers, microphones and German speakers

X-Rays Systems

Organized Inspection of goods and inspection of vehicles

Time Attendance

Help to organize attendance of employees

Metal Detectors

Metal detection and insurance companies are potential hazards

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Best solutions and technology of theft alarms

Queue Management Systems

An integrated set of Waiting devices High quality role

Access Control

Advanced security technologies with innovative capabilities.

Our Services

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